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How to Lower your Homeowner’s Insurance Costs, Part 2

Number 1: Contrast the price you paid for your home with rebuilding costs. The land beneath your home is not at risk from theft, windstorm, fire, or any of the other risk covered by your home’s insurance. Therefore, while choosing how much home’s insurance to purchase, do not factor in its worth. If you do, you will overpay for insurance.

Number 2: Buy both your house and car insurance from the same carrier. If you purchase two or more policies to certain businesses that offer homes, vehicle, and liability insurance, they may knock 5 to 15% off your price.

Number 3: Improve the disaster resilience of your home. Ask your insurance agent what actions you can take to make your house more hurricane and other natural catastrophe resistant. Storm shutters and reinforced roof were stronger roofing materials might help you lower your insurance costs. Homes that are older can be modified to make them more earthquake resistant.

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