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Tax Services

L-1, EB-5 Taxation
Our tax experts specialize in navigating the intricate tax requirements of L-1 and EB-5 visa holders. We help individuals and businesses in these categories understand their tax obligations, optimize tax strategies, and ensure compliance with U.S. tax laws.

Self-employed and SME Tax Avoidance Planning
Our tax avoidance planning services cater to self-employed professionals and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We develop legitimate tax strategies that minimize tax liabilities, allowing clients to keep more of their hard-earned money while staying within legal boundaries.

Tax Preparation
Our tax preparation services cover the full spectrum of tax filings, from individual tax returns to corporate tax compliance. We ensure accurate and timely submission of tax documents, minimizing the risk of errors and potential audit triggers.

Tax Planning
Our proactive tax planning services focus on optimizing clients’ financial positions. We work closely with clients to strategize and structure their finances in a tax-efficient manner, helping them achieve long-term financial goals while minimizing tax burdens.

Internal Revenue Service Tax Audits
Facing an IRS tax audit can be daunting. We provide comprehensive support during IRS audits, guiding clients through the process, representing their interests, and ensuring accurate documentation and compliance to resolve issues effectively.

Fines Relief Defenses
Our fines relief services are designed to help individuals and businesses challenge and reduce IRS fines and penalties. We employ a strategic approach to build strong defenses and negotiate with tax authorities for favorable outcomes.

IRS Audit Representation
When facing an IRS audit, having experienced representation is crucial. We advocate on behalf of clients during IRS audits, leveraging our expertise to address concerns and negotiate on their behalf.

Back Taxes Owed
We assist clients in resolving back taxes owed through various avenues, such as installment agreements, offers in compromise, or penalty abatement, helping them regain financial stability while meeting their tax obligations.

Payroll Tax Problems
For businesses facing payroll tax issues, we offer solutions to rectify problems and prevent further complications. Our services include addressing payroll tax compliance, penalties, and negotiating with the IRS to find viable resolutions.

IRS Payment Plan
We help clients establish IRS payment plans that suit their financial circumstances. Our goal is to make tax repayment manageable, ensuring clients can settle their tax debts without significant financial strain.

In cases where tax debts become insurmountable, we explore bankruptcy options to provide a fresh financial start while considering tax implications and minimizing their impact on the client’s future financial prospects.

Get Your IRS File
We assist clients in obtaining their IRS files, ensuring transparency in their tax matters. Understanding the information within their files helps clients make informed decisions and address any discrepancies or concerns effectively.

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